Sinus pilonidalis

(hairy cyst)


Sinus pilonidalis is a tubelike ulcer which is caused by ingrowing hair. Generally it occurs in the buttock slit. Characteristic is returning inflammation, pain, swelling and from time to time pus production. Treatment is possible by excision of the complete area (like in the example mentioned below) or injection with an etching fluid in the fistula as a result of which it shrinks (for the smaller lesions, click here). 

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The used instruments are simple, for instance a probe to estimate how deep the fistula is (2-,4). Sometimes a blue dye is injected to be able to see the spread of the sinus(5). 

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Using an electric knife, to limit bleeding as much  as possible, the complete area is removed(6-8). 

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A large defect remains (8). This can be closed, like in this example, but it can also be left (partially) open. This is sometimes done because the risk of infection is rather high in this area(9-11). 


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